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for Affordable Care Act
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EHR Meaningful Use
Stage 2 Compliant
Connectivity &

Highly Secure, Robust,
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SureDeliver® Major Benefits for IT Leaders

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  • Removes the hassle of understanding the complex and constantly evolving regulatory requirements around interoperability, connectivity and security, implementing the requirements and testing for compliance, by offering a robust and turnkey solution
  • Backed by experts in regulatory compliance requirements who stand by these solutions 100%, so you need not defend your compliance stance
  • Robust implementations of most healthcare data exchange standards including those needed to achieve compliance with Affordable Care Act and Meaningful Use Stage 2 data exchange requirements, hence removing need to develop custom implementations
  • Secures and makes Reliable your file and data transports. Your application developers now need not deal with complex security and reliability problems in pushing (or pulling) data around between systems. SureDeliver simplifies their life and yours by handling those transfers in a highly robust and secure way.
  • Allows your network administrators to monitor the queues of outgoing and incoming files/data.
  • Gives you and your administrators central control over the file/data transfers through an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Drastically reduces the time spent hunting down errors and manually handling them when network fails.
  • Reduces application complexity by hiding the details of reliability and security, so you don't need to deal with them.
  • By supporting multiple open standards, makes it easy to plug into your enterprise service bus.
  • Is very easy to learn. Most operations can be handled via GUI. Includes clear, concise and complete context-sensitive Help.
  • Supports customer base that uses Secure FTP (SFTP) by providing a turn-key implementation of SFTP, with the same robust management and monitoring interface as the other ineteroperability standards and profiles.
  • Is platform independent - supported on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Hence this can be deployed across a wide array of sites and partners.
  • Comes to you fully backed by a highly experienced security team to support the product.

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