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SureDeliver® Financial Value Proposition

    Regulatory Compliance Incentives and Avoidance of Penalties
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    By providing a turn-key solution that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements such as Affordable Care Act (ACA) [for HIPAA covered entities] and Meaningful Use Stage 2 [for healthcare providers], it facilitates receiving the full financial benefits (such as receiving Meaningful Use financial incentives) and reduces risk of penalties (e.g., Affordable Care Act) for non-compliance. By supporting your current customer base through its robust implementation of Secure FTP (SFTP), SureDeliver improves ROI.

    Drastically Lowers Compliance Efforts, Costs and Risks
    Relative to procuring other solutions, building or remediating your own systems for compliance, integrating and testing for compliance, and making such systems operational and secure, SureDeliver is orders of magnitude more time and cost effective. By providing strong security around sensitive and mission critical information, SureDeliver reduces risks of data breaches.

    Reduces Errors and Operational Costs
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    SureDeliver provides significant reliability features including a rich set of metadata (supporting greatly improved traceability), better error handling, stronger identification and authentication of trading partners, encryption features, and high degree of trading partner and transaction management. All these features improve robustness, reduces errors and reduce operational costs and risks.

    Value Proposition for EDI/PMS/EHR/EMR Vendors
    Vendors of EDI systems, Practice Management Systems, Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems can augment their applications and systems with SureDeliver. This gives them a turnkey approach to extend their existing applications or systems that have data that needs to be sent or received from other systems using a robust and regulatory compliant connectivity and security gateway. Building reliable and secure data transports from scratch in a fully interoperable, robust and configurable manner can involve costly development and testing. This typically requires very highly skilled IT resources. However, integration with SureDeliver uses simple interfaces and does not require high level of skills.

    Improved User Experience Translates to Higher Customer Satisfaction
    Users experience higher reliability and fewer errors and delays in getting current information, improving their experience.