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SureDeliver® Executive Summary

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    Today's health-IT executives are faced with the following realities and associated challenges:
    • Evolving regulations and associated complex technical requirements
    • Need to keep existing business going while meeting new compliance requirements
    • High cost of expertise needed to understand and implement the mandated technical requirements
    • Risks of penalties for non-compliance
    • Controlling the cost of compliance and making sure it does not distract from the main mission
    • Making sure that the new compliant systems are robust, secure and scalable enough to support operation

    SureDeliver® is the first enterprise grade solution that addresses the above challenges. SureDeliver® is an enterprise gateway that:
    • Is built and supported by industry leading experts in regulatory requirements, so your staff can be relieved of these responsibilities and can stay focused on supporting your main mission
    • Does not disrupt existing business since it uses your infrastructure and can support compliant connectivity and security to your existing business processing layer
    • Our experts have a rare combination of skills: health-IT regulatory compliance, operational robustness and security of data exchange
    • Turnkey solution simplifies your compliance without expensive development and testing projects and associated risks
    • Cost effective solution and expertise
    • Supports your install-base by providing turnkey implementation of Secure FTP (SFTP)
    • Has robust implementation of healthcare data exchange standards including for administrative, clinical, pharmacy and public health data exchange.
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    • Meets and exceeds the requirements of Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations for healthcare data exchange and interoperability.
    • Greatly improves security of sensitive data transfers. By providing very strong security for Internet based transactions, ensures that sensitive data is well protected as it travels over insecure networks like the Internet.
    • Reduces operational and integration costs. By removing the need to keep monitoring data transports for errors, the cost of maintaining multiple mission critical data transports goes down significantly. By supporting industry standards SureDeliver is easy to plug into from applications, and works well with other products that are also standards compliant.
    • Gives you the ability to provide your solutions to customers that need high security. Your application developers can focus on your domain expertise and rely on SureDeliver for the security and reliability of file and data transfers that your customers expect.
    • Improves User Experience. End users benefit from the improved reliability of the applications and systems with more current data and fewer unexpected errors and obsolete data.
    • SureDeliver® is developed and marketed by Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) a 100% US-Owned Company; not a subsidiary. Export control restrictions may apply to licensing of SureDeliver®.

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