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SureDeliver® for Clinical Data Exchange

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    Healthcare providers, EMR/EHR Vendors, Practice Management System Vendors, Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) can now benefit from SureDeliver® features for Clinical Data Exchange.
    • Turn-key, enterprise grade implementation of ONC DIRECT, a key requirement for Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance
    • Turn-key, enterprise grade implementation of IHE XDR, a key requirement for Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance
    • Simplifies reaching compliance with Meaningful Use requirements
    • Eliminates need for expensive development and testing projects
    • Supported by experts in ONC DIRECT, with decades of connectivity and security experience from national level healthcare data exchange and security projects
    • Cost effective solution, saves costs, time, risks and improves robustness
    • Drastically reduces the time spent hunting down errors and manually handling them when network fails.
    • Reduces application complexity by hiding the details of reliability and security, so you don't need to deal with them.
    • By supporting multiple open standards, makes it easy to plug into your enterprise service bus.
    • Is very easy to learn. Most operations can be handled via GUI. Includes clear, concise and complete context-sensitive Help.
    • Is platform independent - supported on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Hence this can be deployed across a wide array of sites and partners.
    • Comes to you fully backed by a highly experienced security team to support the product.

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